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Životna sredina u Srbiji

Environmental Protection in the Republic of Serbia; Republic of Serbia Ministry of Environment & Spatial Planning Powerpoint presentation
Serbia Environmental and Climate Impact Analysis, February 2008

Životna sredina Evropske Unije

Climate Protection Potentials of EU Recycling Targets, January 2008
Packaging Waste: Higher Recycling and Recovery Targets Due to be Implemented in EU Member States, August 2005
Status and Application of the EU Legislation in the EU Member States and their Consequences for Residual Waste Treatment and Disposal, 2005
EU as a Recycling Society: Present Recycling Levels of Municipal Waste and Construction & Demolition Waste in the EU, April 2009

Aktivni solarni dizajn

Passive and Active Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems
Solar Electric Design Guide
Do It Yourself Solar Applications: For Water and Space Heating, North Carolina Solar Center
Photovoltaic Design Guide
Solar Design Manual, Performance/Cost Verification

Pasivni solarni dizajn

Passive Solar Design for the Home
Passive Solar Design for the Home
Passive Solar Home Design Checklist
Selecting a Site for Your Passive Solar Home
Passive Solar Options For North Carolina Homes
Passive Solar Design for New Zealand Homes
Passive Solar Design for a Northern Climate
Passive Cooling for Your North Carolina Home
Energy-Saving Landscaping for Your Passive Solar Home
Passive Solar Retrofit for North Carolina Homes
History of Passive Solar Building Design
The Future of Passive Solar Design: Regionalism & Appropriate Technology in Texas
Decorating Your Passive Solar Home: Balancing Energy and Aesthetics


Tree Planting - Backyard Conservation
Tree Planting - Planning
Tree Planting Procedure for Small, Bare-Root Seedlings
Urban Tree Planting & Greenhouse Gas Reductions
Direct Seeding: Establishing a Forest with Seed, Powerpoint presentation
Don't Top Trees: Arbor Day Foundation Tree City USA Bulletin
Trees for Wildlife: Arbor Day Foundation Tree City USA Bulletin

Klimatske promene

NASA Contribution to Northern Eurasian Earth Science Partnership Initiative; Powerpoint presentation
Climate Change 101
The Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change
Climate Change Futures: Health, Ecological and Economic Dimensions

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South-Central Serbia Recycling Assessment Bibliography
Serbia Development Bibliography